Outlaw 10.5 Rules 2011


1. 400 Pro Tree Heads Up Racing




A. Naturally Aspirated

Small Block No minimum weight

Big Block No minimum weight


B. Nitrous Oxide:

Small Block 2300 lbs

Big Block 4.840 & 4.900 Bore Center 2600 lbs (tube cars add 50 lbs)

Big Block 5.00 Bore Center 2700 lbs  (tube cars add 100 lbs)

Big Block 5.20 & 5.30 Bore Center 2800 lbs (tube cars add 100 lbs)


C. Turbo Charged and Super Charged (all forced induction tube cars add 100 lbs)

Single SB 2600 lbs Big Block 2700

Twin Turbo up to 94mm SB 2800lbs BB 3000 lbs

Twin Turbo larger then 94mm SB 2900 lbs BB 3100 lbs

Centrifugal Superchargers SB 2600 lbs, BB 2800 lbs

Twin Centrifugal Superchargers SB 2800 lbs, BB 3000 lbs

Roots Supercharger SB 2600 lbs, BB 2800 lbs

Max bore spacing on all forced induction at above weights is 5"

Any forced induction at 5.300 bore spacing add 100 lbs

Max cubic inch on all forced induction entries is 700 cid

Max turbo size 108mm on 5" bore spacing.

Max turbo size 94mm on 5.300 bore spacing.


*Screw superchargers:

"D" rotor 3000 lbs. Max O.D.125%

"C" rotor 3100 lbs. Max O.D. 125%

4 & 6 cylinder alcohol & intercooler permitted No minimum weight


3. Back Half Type Cars Only, Tube cars allowed must add weight,  All cars mufflers Recommended


4. Front Frame to be original O.E.M. type. (stock like front frame rails mandatory) Direct bolt in aftermarket Parts permitted. Firewall must be in the stock location. Engine must remain in front of firewall. Firewall can not be modified for engine placement.  Tube cars will be allowed must have stock appearing body steel top & quarters (no pro mod body’s.)


5. Must be Street appearing, must have stock appearing dash and working lights, one piece fiberglass front ends permitted. Hood can be a part of front end. If you use a one piece fiberglass front-end, it must have lights.


6. Alcohol on NON intercooled cars only.


7. NHRA Pro Ladder.


8. Minimum ground clearance of 3" from the front of the nose to 12" behind centerline of the front axle. Wheelbase must be OEM for body style used. Maximum variation from OEM +/- one inch.


9. Towing will be allowed, you must stop at scales, time slips can be picked up at scales.


10. General Rules: deep staging allowed, but track will not wait for a racer to get deep staged. When both Pre-staged are activated, either side stage light will start a 7-second stage count. Failure to activate stage bulb within 7 seconds will result in disqualification/timeout. (Starter's decision will be final). Disqualification will be based on a first or worse situation. Rules on controversial situations will be final at the discretion of the race director.


11. Head & Neck Restraint - Recommended


12. Lower engine containment device (Diaper) - Recommended


13. Maximum front overhang 45" From centerline of front spindle. Tire is limited 33x10.5


14. No car will be allowed to go faster than the chassis is certified for by NHRA.


15. Supercharger restraint system meeting SFI 14.1 mandatory on roots-type supercharger. Screw-type supercharger must meet SFI Spec 34.1 .

For screw-type superchargers, manifold burst panel meeting SFI Spec 23.1 Supercharger drive must be belt, NHRA-accepted chain driver or NHRA-accepted gear drive. Supercharger restraint straps must be covered with a fire-resistant material. See General Regulations 1.10


If one combination appears to have an advantage rules may be changed at track’s discretion in order to keep a level playing field for all competitors.

Bracket Race Rules


Dial in's and Staging - ALL DIAL-INS MUST BE ON CAR BEFORE LEAVING STAGING LANES. NO changing of Dial-Ins after leaving the staging lanes. All windows must be rolled up. Dial-Ins and Car Numbers need to be on the passenger side and front windows, so we can get your Dial-In correct! They need to be READABLE from the tower. Don't Stage if Your Dial-In is Wrong. Check your Dial-In on the display boards before you stage. Those crossing over need to check their competitors Dial-In also.  When you stage your car, you have accepted the dial in.


Once you make it to the staging lanes you are committed to race. You are not officially paired until you are paired by the head of staging. If you break before crossing the line at the end of staging lanes, you'll have until the end of the round or five minutes which ever is greater.


If you are in the water box or beyond then you are committed to race. You then have 45 seconds to make the start, before the other driver is told to stage.


One crew person is allowed on starting line behind starter. Everyone else must be behind wall or guard rail.

Driver's can run more than one car in a class, BUT it must be a totally different car and it can't be entered by another racer in the same class. It will be up to the driver and crew to make the round call on time, on multi-entries. - You can't race another car that's already entered in the same class. You can run the same car in two different classes. (Example Top & Foot Brake). All Top cars coming to Foot Brake must have the delay box out and the electric or air shifter disabled to compete. Once you complete the first round, no swapping of drivers or cars if you buy back.


Buy Backs - All Buy Backs go right into the next round of eliminations. Buy Backs are still eligible for BYE runs once they win a round in eliminations. You must have competed in eliminations or broke in time runs in order to buy back. No switching of drivers and cars in buying back. You can buy back at the Timing Tower.  Lady racers will automatically have free buy backs first round.  Imposters will be charged double!!  J


POINTS – Three points awarded to each entry. One point for every round won. One extra point will be awarded for winning the race. In the event of a tie for the final points total, we will count the number of races entered first, number of races won second, and number of runner ups will be considered last.


Top Eliminator (0-7.99) -Electronics class. Cross Talk will be used (both top bulbs will come on at the same time) during eliminations. NO Mid Track Sputter Boxes allowed. No roll out counters that control staging, Digital read outs in cars must be traceable to Trans brake. No devices that control the cars ET allowed. Throttle STOPS OK. Please use a safe speed of 10 MPH or less on the return road. 5 MPH in the pit area. WATCH FOR KIDS!


Foot Brake -is a NO ELECTRONICS class. No delay boxes DELAY BOX MUST BE OUT OF CAR. High side Rev-limiter is O.K. Cars are allowed to run 2-steps. Shift lights are legal. If you are caught with a DELAY BOX you will be DISQUALIFIED on spot. Protest must be filed before run. NO DELAY BOXES ALLOWED IN CAR!!! Left hand Roadsters allowed. No Dragsters.


Miscellaneous Rules --You must be a licensed driver of your state to operate a golf cart, 3-4 wheeler, mopes, mini-bikes, etc. NO ONE under the age of 16 will be allowed to operate these vehicles. You will be warned once, and DISQUALIFIED the second time to whom ever the vehicle belongs to. -Rank of Worst Offenses Violations disqualifies driver. Crossing the center line or running off track (touching line counts.) See IHRA rule book for ranking. -Excessive braking at the finishing line- If the car is consider to be out of control, management has the right to disqualified competitor after being warned once. -Grounds for disqualifications- Unsportsmanlike conduct or conduct detrimental to an orderly racing program.  -NO DRINKING OF ALCOHOL OR USE OF ILLEGAL DRUGS by any driver that's racing at Shadyside Dragway. If you are caught it's an automatic disqualification and suspension from the track. - All Tech Cards must be turned in before the first round of elimination's either in staging or tower. 


All competitors must wear long pants.


In order to claim any of the points fund, you must race at least 13 of the races.


Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.


Buy Runs for first round will be determined by the winner of the Dash for Cash.  In the event that the Dash for Cash can not be contested, the best reaction time during the final round of qualifying will determine the winner.